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Welcome to Reuse Technology Group Ltd, the complete IT Lifecycle solutions provider, for all your IT Asset Disposal, WEEE Recycling and ADISA 8.0 approved Data Security Erasure requirements which also meet US standards. We will provide you, with a bespoke and compliant IT disposal service, of the highest industry standards.

Our Services

We offer an extensive range of Technology and IT Lifecycle solutions, delivering great service to our customers. Our customer value proposition is to help corporates, public sector and SME businesses to protect their brand and reputation through an agile and secure classic or SDx network design and deployment, compliant Data erasure and IT WEEE disposal solutions.
We will improve your bottomline from your end of life IT assets and support your business IT eco-system by supplying high quality refurbished IT hardware, creating a positive environmental social and economic impact on your city.

Redefining IT Infrastructure Strategy
We Buy CISCO & End of Life IT Equipment
Integrated Storage, Logistics & Deployment Solutions
Complete Assurances & Compliance with Data Protection



As your Data Processor with Cyber Privacy Insurance, we offer a Secure Data Overwriting service using ADISA approved software for hard drive sanitisation. We are fully ADISA certified and hold ISO9001 and ISO14001 accreditation.



Reuse Technology Group employ a range of robust technology solutions. From our Consultancy Services to Data Centre Design, our services are geared towards fitting to your business requirements.



Welcome to Reuse Technology Group Ltd, the complete IT Lifecycle solutions provider, for all your IT Asset Disposal, WEEE Recycling and CPA and US DOD 5220.22-M approved Data Security Erasure requirements. We will provide you, with a bespoke and compliant IT disposal services, of the highest industry (latest version of NCSC approved) standards. Reuse is well known for our collaborative approach and efficient management of IT disposal projects supporting small businesses as well as large corporate companies and public sector bodies.

Our IT Lifecycle solution is also part of an IT Eco-system which takes your end of life, used and unwanted IT hardware into a refurbishment pathway, replacing faulty and broken parts, creating a refurbished unit for re-use, fully functional which goes back into the market with 1 Year warranty.

We will also do a Fair Market Value buy back on all used and unwanted Cisco Networking Routers, Switches and Firewalls. You can get a high value offer in minutes and paid on delivery or collection.

Come and see us or give us a call if you want to learn more about being part of the IT Eco-system though WEEE Re-use or if you just want to sell your used cisco and other IT hardware.

Our business process when buying used Cisco equipment

  1. You provide a draft inventory and we provide you an agreed cisco buyback value
  2. We can collect or you drop off the equipment
  3. Our trained Cisco technicians will create a complete inventory by make, model and serial number.
  4. All equipment is then tested, every port checked, reset to factory default, all configs and VLAN’s permanently deleted
  5. Inventory sent to you and the final buyback prices agreed
  6. Payment by bank transfer or PayPal.
  7. You also receive an inventory, WEEE Waste transfer note if applicable and the show log for each device as proof with certification of sanitisation

When selling your used IT equipment, consider your role as a data controller and how you can mitigate the risk of security breaches and environmental fines by choosing a partner who can provide the following:

  • Established business with trading history
  • Registered with the environmental agency as a waste carrier and hold exemptions or waste processing certificates
  • Can handle magnetic storage media with CESG approved software as a primary method of data sanitisation
  • As your data processor, they must have public, professional and cyber security liability insurance
  • Security cleared staff
  • Cisco trained technicians
  • ISO 9001 & 14001
  • No third party technicians or collections.
  • Only tracked vehicles with direct point to point logistics

We work closely with large organisations and VAT registered businesses

If your company is a VAT registered business we will require a VAT invoice prior to payment being made. If you are an individual or a non-VAT registered company, then we do not require an invoice. It’s a very easy and straightforward process that should take no more than 72 hours from the initial offer, through to completion and payment.

If you have non Cisco items that you wish to dispose of, we will still be able to help you. Please click here to find out more about our IT Asset Disposal service.

Supporting Government Departments and Corporates with GDPR Compliant IT Asset Disposal and Cisco Buy Back

Some of our long standing partners are UK Government departments, mainly located in London and corporates both in London and regional locations around the UK.

Why do they choose us?

Mainly because we do what we promise to do and we treat our customers businesses as if it was our own. We give 100% to make sure our clients brands and reputations are protected.

Our accreditations are all above standards required and our prices help our clients with their budgeting and bottomline increase.

You increase revenue by protecting your brand and reputation as well as getting the best buyback prices for your IT Hardware if it has a resale value.

Why not call us now on 01708 558 297 to find out if we can help you with your IT Disposal or with us buying back your used and refurbished Cisco and networking hardware.

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