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Our company is one of the UK’s leading buyers and sellers of refurbished Cisco equipment

Reuse Technology Group are one of the largest buyers and sellers of used CISCO equipment in Europe.

Reuse Technology Group are one of the largest buyers and sellers of used CISCO equipment in Europe. Based only 30 minutes from the City of London and major financial institutions and data centres in the city, we have established ourselves in a competitive market and have quickly become one of the most reliable and trusted resellers in the refurbished Cisco networking and IT storage sector.

Our aim is to help IT solutions providers and end users procure high quality refurbished IT equipment at cost effective rates. Whether you are buying or selling your CISCO equipment we can help. We are professional yet remain friendly, efficient and reliable.

Why choose us?

Our company is a knowledgeable, reliable and trusted resource which sells and buys all types of high quality IT equipment that include a wide variety of security systems, switches, storage devices routers and specifically CISCO equipment. We are a rapidly growing reseller of refurbished Cisco tending to be the best choice if you wish to buy or sell used Cisco equipment. We can sell you your required items at the best rates that cannot be matched elsewhere. While buying from our company, you will receive a significant discount and enjoy the best rates as compared to any other Cisco retailer or reseller.

Our aim is to practice excellence, mutual respect, customer relation, honesty and loyalty. We are passionate about the latest technology and are committed towards our customers. We take pride in accepting challenges and work tirelessly on finding solutions to our customers problems within the IT refurbished space.

We have extensive knowledge of the used Cisco marketplace, which enables us to buy and refurbish Cisco routers, switches, servers, firewalls and much more. By selling these refurbished units back into the market, we are effectively extending the lifespan.

Through our international customer and supplier base we are able to buy and sell almost any Cisco Systems item, even ones that are usually classed as legacy. We have developed 3 key areas to our business, using Cisco Systems as the basis of our offerings.

Reuse Technology Group specialise in the used Cisco Systems sector. Buying Cisco Routers and Switches that have become available due to larger companies either upgrading their networking Cisco equipment or it reaching its initial ‘end of life’.

Once our warehouse has received the Cisco equipment, our technicians fully test each unit and perform a factory reset. They also carry out a number of other checks, plus clean both the inside and outside of the device using specialist hardware and cleaning agents.

Our sales team then remarket the equipment to our international customer base. All used Cisco Routers and Switches automatically come with our Reuse Technology Group Comms Care 12 month warranty as standard.

We carry a large inventory of used Cisco Routers, Switches, Servers, Firewalls, NM, HWIC, VWIC and PA cards plus a large selection of Cisco IP Phones.

If you would like to be added to our trade email database, please send an email to info@reusetechgroup.com . You will then receive weekly emails detailing our inventory as well as any special offers for that particular week.

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We can buy back any quantity of Cisco equipment, which has a resale value. Do feel free to contact us for a buy back quote. Our prices are competitive, we will ensure that you are paid a fair price and will pay in a fast and efficient manner. Tell us what you have and we will provide you a buy back price and have the equipment collected, tested and paid for. Alternatively, drop off, wait whilst we test and then get paid. Call us now and get a no obligation quote.

Reuse Technology Group offer an IT disposal service that is fully WEEE compliant and adheres to legislation set out by the Environment Agency.

The cost for the service is dependant on various factors.

Once the redundant kit has been collected from the client, it is brought back to our warehouse where we asset tag and list each item. We then produce a report for the client, which details all of the units that have been collected along with the specification.

All end of life equipment that has no resale value is ethically recycled – we avoid landfill at all costs.

Any kit that has a value is remarketed and a subsequent revenue share is split between Reuse and the client. This process is completely transparent and the client can log into our system using a dedicated portal via the Internet.

By using our service you are promoting the reuse of IT equipment, whilst ensuring that any end of life kit is being recycled according to law.

If the equipment you are disposing of has hard drives, your business is responsible for the data stored on them, more importantly, liable for any breach of the Data Protection Act.

There are two very simple ways to ensure that data on hard drives is irretrievable.

The first option and the one that we would always recommend is to wipe the drives using special CPA approved software. This is the UK standard for secure hard drive data erasure.

The second option and the one we would always suggest avoiding is to destroy them using a certified shredding machine that reduces the hard drive to 16mm particles. Financial corporations commonly accept this method of destruction but by shredding the drives you eliminate any resale value whilst being unkind to the Planet.

Once the hard drives have been wiped and as long as they meet criteria, we will offer them for sale in the marketplace and you will receive payment directly from us. This is the most eco friendly method of data erasure.

We also have the ability to provide data erasure and/or data destruction certificates for hard drives.

Reuse Technology Group is a licensed Waste Carrier with the Environment Agency and our licence number is: CBDU92807

Reuse Technology Group is a fully certified member of ADISA. We also hold ISO9001 and ISO14001 accreditation.

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Reuse Technology Group can collect your IT waste, which includes any type of IT WEEE waste whether it be PC’s, Laptops or networking equipment including storage devices, contact us to find our about our IT WEEE disposal programme.
Before arranging your collection, we would suggest:

  1. Site Assessment
  2. Signed Risk Assessment Method Statement
  3. Statement of Works
  4. Authority to Work on site if required
  5. Signed Transfer of custody which will include our data capability agreement

We can perform both onsite and off site hard disk CESG erasure and shredding and feature zero to landfill.

Reuse Technology Group has a very unique model in our ‘Carbon Offset Scheme’. For a company that is eco conscience, we offer an alternative route of disposal to remarketing.

We allow any company to exchange their redundant IT equipment for Carbon Credits, which in turn helps them offset their carbon emissions. We offer a higher value of Carbon Credits for IT equipment than we would cash, therefore generating a greater value for the business that is looking to dispose of their IT equipment. For further information regarding our offset scheme, click here

Listed below are our company accreditations to provide assurances of our services level standards. A complete peace of mind whilst working with us:

  • Environment agency exemption T11
  • Waste Carrier License
  • ICO Certificate
  • Environment Agency waste storage permission
  • ISO 14001 certified
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Data Processor Cyber privacy insurance