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Data Destruction


As your data processor with cyber privacy insurance, we offer a secure data overwriting service using ADISA 8.0 approved software for hard drive sanitisation. We are fully ADISA tested and hold ISO9001 and ISO14001 accreditation.

IT Lifecycle Data Erasure Services in London, UK & Europe

What is secure hard drive overwriting?

When people initially think about data on their hard drives and the best way to make it safe, they often think of destroying the drive in some sort of crushing machine.

The fact is, by using special software, it is actually just as safe to wipe the drives.

The benefit of this method over destruction is that the drives are often re-sellable, meaning you can generate revenue from them. It is also a far greener option, as you are extending the life of the drives, rather than ending it.

Hard drive erasure (also known as hard drive sanitisation) is becoming the ‘norm’ when businesses consider their options.

By leaving the hard drives in their respective machines, you will increase their re-sale value by a disproportionate amount to selling them separately.

A desktop with no hard drive is a pretty useless piece of kit with limited resale value, but add a hard drive to that same unit and all of a sudden it becomes a working piece of kit – a business tool that has a value.

Whilst we appreciate that some businesses by their very nature, insist on hard drives shredding, where possible we recommend the latest version of an ADISA approved Data Erasure Software, then the remarketing of those units.

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