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Our Values


In everything we do, we believe in developing a more sustainable world! We believe in growing the circular economy for the benefit of all. The way we do this is by inspiring businesses to realise more from the IT assets they rely on through reuse and recovery initiatives


Environmental: Creating a Circular Economy model within the business. Ensuring that our carbon footprint is minimal and our care for the planet is at the forefront of everything we do. This is done through our reuse and recycling model. 
Financial: Our business has to be financially sustainable, which is achieved through our complete end to end solutions which integrates into your IT eco-system.
Social: Our business has a sustainable social impact, which supports employment of local long term unemployed residents from the local community and through our support of charities.

Customer Focused

Genuinely understanding customer needs, placing the customer at the centre of services and product delivery.
Creating a supportive environment and challenging team members to achieve their potential through strong and supportive leadership, helping staff to move towards the performance zone.

Delivering On Time

Every sale and project should be in the context of time sensitivity. Every service and product to be delivered as promised to the customer. We will do whatever is possible to make sure products and service are delivered to the agreed deadline. 

High Quality Products & Services

Our services and products must also give a greater perceived monetary value that the customer has paid for. This is delivered through care in packaging, complete with minimal disruption, making sure that customers and their partners can see the value in working with us.

Within Budget

Always priced transparently and delivery of efficient services and high quality products.